About the Blog

Hello and welcome to my (our) blog! We’re here, we’re queer, trying to fill a void in the LGBTQ+ blog realm.

I’ve been blogging off and on since 2010. There have been any number of blogs by me from my initial new mommy/weightloss blog, to my attempt at a mommy/lifestyle blog, and then this blog in its initial conception- lesbian mom lifestyle blog. I tried to dabble in it all—kids, fashion, work, recipes, LGBT issues, roller derby, and of course, my own coming out and relationships. I’ve not written regularly and what I have written is super disconnected because the topics vary so greatly and when you only write once a month or so…. Well that ish is just sloppy and confusing. Since the start of 2018 I think I made maybe 3 posts? Dumb.

I pulled away as there was no real direction, not real info or thoughts being provided, and frankly, we’re busy as fuck.

The “busy as fuck” is what had brought me back here. I have scoured blogs, the internet as a whole, and social media. Guess what I can’t find? Families like mine. Families with two moms, and multiple kids from both moms. It’s like lesbian moms don’t get with each other. To be fair, neither my wife nor I have dated women with kids before each other. But seriously. WTF is the deal?!? I get that blending families is hard. Some days really freaking hard. But seriously, it’s also amazing to be with someone who’s on you page. In mom zone.  You know, already accustomed to balancing wifely adventures with parent-teach conferences, birthday party planning, and ungodly amounts of sports practices and games.

Terra and I have racked our brains at various times just trying to think of other couples hacking their way through this “Gaydy Bunch” lifestyle. We literally came up with one couple who divorced within a year, one who broke up within a couple of months of moving in together, one or two families I found on Instagram, and a couple of couples who got together after their kids were out of the house and building families of their own. So here we are. Ready to give you the inside scoop on what life looks like (for us, we acknowledge we are all weirdos) for a couple of married moms running a household of 4 kids, 3 dogs, and one chill little turtle, while also simultaneously dealing with two ex-husbands, and their (sometimes) girlfriends. Welcome to our life.


About Me

Hi. I’m Laurel! At various times of my blogging I’ve used “Elle,” but we’re so “on the grid” like every one else that I’ve realized I’m not fooling one goddamn person with cutesy pen names.

I grew up ultra-religious. Like in a cult. Homeschooled. Not allowed to speak of or to the one lesbian I had in my life–my first cousin. I married a man and had a couple of babies. After some years of college, exposure, President Obama, roller derby, and life in general, I came out in 2015. I met my wife the spring of 2016, and we married in 2017.

Most days you can find me trying to get the kids and wife out the door with all they need for the day, and then taking a few cups of coffee in silence before showering and then heading to work. After work it’s about getting kids fed and off to soccer. Or dance. Or football. Or study groups. In the house I’m known for doing most of the cooking and aggressively shouting out answers to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

As a couple, Terra, and I are a bit eclectic. Don’t let this mom-blog spin off fool you. We are not spending all our time on soccer mom game treats, chalk board menus, and flawless birthday parties. If that’s what you’re expecting, move along. We get the kids to practice (mostly). We (I) try to meal plan, but I also switch to pizza on any given night at the last minute. And yeah, most of the birthday parties are no longer pinterest approved. We also send the kids to their dads and hit up a Rob Zombie concert, or close down a dive bar. Or we go antiquing all day, and wind up at a poetry slam. Or we stay home and polish off an entire BOX or wine, and cry about never getting to go to Lilith Faire. You know, basic shit.

My wife is my fire. My Aires. The adventure to my book nerd soul. We’ll let you sneak a peek at some of those adventures here.

t and l


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