New Life, New Blog.

Good Lordy it’s been a minute since I’ve done any of the real life blogging. I missed it terribly, but there’s this rule about how working moms can only have so many hobbies. Roller derby and Netflixing kept ranking higher. I mean, there was also this whole big technical situation, but who wants to be bored with that. And let’s be honest, it was really the Netflix and their constant release of new episodes that got me. The only thing the technical sitch affected is the fact that I had to start fresh rather than just plug along at Oh well. It was getting a bit full and slow without a greater financial investment anyway.

So here we are. You, bored reader. Me, newly single and then unsingled mother of two, roller derby queen wannabe, account executive, recently out lesbian, weirdo Libra. Welcome. I hope we can be friends.

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