WordPress is Where It’s At

As I made my venture back into blogging, I played around with some other hosting sites. I ended up setting up shop with wix.com because they had pretty rad templates, loads of free customization options, and all the add-ons a girl could want. A few posts in, it just wasn’t feeling right. Maybe due to blogging for years via lifestyledbyelle.com on WordPress, or maybe just cuz I know the coolest of the cool kids use WordPress, or *maybe* I’m just a shitty millennial (the older kind) and wasn’t that great at navigating the info I wanted to find on Wix. Either way, I moved over some of the posts and started this page and this is where I’ll stay. I’ll buy my own domain soon and be like a real, big kid blogger again.

WordPress is my home, despite missing out on more free design elements on Wix. I’m just too damn nosey to go without all the visitor info and statistics that WordPress gives. If you are curious and wanna see what I started over on Wix, take a peak here. Hang tight while work out the kinks and get this baby up and running the way I want it.


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