My Evolving Life

You guys!

I promise I am totally writing out the whole story: The end of my marriage to Morgan, the beginning of my love with Dawn, how that impacts my little duckies, making a life and home in a small two bedroom apartment, the coming out story… ALL. OF. IT. But that’s sort of something that will be a bit like a keepsake to me. It’s life and it’s real and I know that not only will other readers read it, I will come back to it over and over again. So that post needs another day of writing and editing. Oh hell, who and I kidding? At least the whole weekend of writing and editing. Besides, right now I have this totally hot blonde meeting me in 18 minutes.

(Yup. I am so watching the clock…)

So with that in mind, I leave you with some pics of one of my first adventures with Dawn and my babes. Have a great weekend!


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