Big Ol’ Lesbian Netflix and Chill

I really don’t know how the normal people (bros?) Netflix and Chill. I think the usual connotation is… umm… rather sexual in nature. My “Netflix and Chill” is, well, a little more chill. It’s at least sort of watching the show mixed with intermittent making out and lots of snuggling. And maybe some nudity if I’m lucky. Movies and full seasons of shows add up to a lot of time, so if we are all being honest here, there are also snacks and maybe even naps involved. Since my girlfriend, snacks, cozy blankets, kissing, naps, and Netlfix are some of my most favorite things, any combo is definitely a win.

Netflix has some awesome lesbian options in both tv programming (like my fave The Fosters, and the of course The L Word),  and movies.  I found a great list of lesbian movies available on Netflix right now. I have only seen like 3 of them, but with winter tapping on my window, I think I can make through all of them by May. Here’s the list. Happy watching. 🙂
Lesbian Netflix

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