About That Facebook Post

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed a seemingly out of character post about some crazy, fundamentalist pastor shared from jezebel.com. It wasn’t uplifting, it wasn’t fun, and there wasn’t a single trace of lesbianism, fashion, or vacationing – but man that shit was real.

I grew up in a very conservative, fundamentalist Christian home. Think wannabe Duggars, but at least we could wear jeans. Nine kids, homeschooled, the whole shebang. They have lightened up some since then, but you get the idea.

A key component to my family moving to the beautiful, wonderful, amazing Pacific Northwest was for my family to have the unique opportunity of attending the church of Mr. Doug Wilson, in Moscow, ID. Wilson has found himself in hot water with all sort of groups, primarily those of LBGT and/or feminist origins. You may be picking up on reasons he and I don’t see eye to eye…

Wilson and his Christ Church following continues to grow despite scandals and splits and his reach is quite broad.  He’s made it in Huffington Post, MIC, jezebel and lord knows where else. In the past year or so he’s made national headlines for proclaiming that slavery is preferable to homosexuality, and that Christian woman are far more beautiful than non-Christian women (i.e. sluts and lumberjack dykes). Charming, eh?

Christ Church has its flaws to be sure, and most stem from its arrogant, patriarchal foundation. Where there is patriarchy, there is a power (and even respect) imbalance. This imbalance inevitably leads to an abuse of power, and finally just flat-out abuse. Such is the situation for the cases of Jamin Wight and Steven Sitler. Here is the article I shared. I know each of the victims referenced personally. They are all still hurting and dealing with this. I must stand beside them and help give a voice to the victims.

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