The Beauty of Children

This is beautiful. That is all.

Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs

I’m not shy about sharing hard things. I’ve written about my anxiety, I’ve written about drug addiction and alcoholism and death. I’ve also written about some things that have been said about Maria – things that she can’t change and things that may very well stay with her forever.

Adults are horrible. We are so vain and self-absorbed and even when we think we aren’t, we are. Here’s an example: I try really hard to spend my free time doing things for other people. Big things, little things, tiny things that I think are generous things but usually aren’t, but whatever. I like to think that makes me not quite self-absorbed. I like to think it proves I don’t really care too much about myself.


I know this because I downloaded this app that makes me look skinny.

I can’t even make this up.

I totally downloaded this app…

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