For most of my life I have lived in small towns. I mean until I was 14 or so I never even lived in a town larger than 4,000 population. For the past 10 years, the town I lived in was about 30,000 and by far the largest town I’d ever lived in. Especially if you counted the population of the adjoining town divided only by a river and state line.

Moving in with my girlfriend meant more than just moving in with her and her babies. It meant more than moving to a new house, a new town, and getting a new job. It’s been an entire lifestyle change. While our town’s population isn’t much higher than what I’m used to, when you add in all the adjoining cities, including where I work, I can basically say I’m doing that big city livin’.

I do things like check the traffic report. Seriously. Five o’clock traffic is apparently a real thing.But guess what else is real… So much else to explore and do with my girl! Almost every single weekend there has been some sort of concert or beer festival or wine tasting or god knows what else we’ve attended. You know I love pub crawls, apparently I super love themed, dress-up, pub crawls. I knew they existed. I didn’t expect to live in a place that hosted several all throughout the year. And I really never expected to have such a fun, cute girlfriend to dress up with a basically just kill it at said themed pub crawl. But here I am doing just that.

We knew pretty early on that we were so in on doing the whole Zombie Crawl thing, deciding on what kind of zombie to go as proved a bit more difficult. We went to at least 6 thrift shops sifting through wedding gowns planning to be zombie brides.


In theory, the idea is bad ass. But it has been done a lot, and honestly, the concept of either Terra or I wearing dresses in cold and wind and wandering about a least a bit tipsy is just dumb. And if we are being really, REALLY honest, I think I just wanted my pretty girlfriend to be my bride. Even if a gross, bloody one.

In keeping with our no plan-plan approach to the weekends, we didn’t finalize our zombie-ness until the afternoon of the crawl. We found a couple of these beauties at Goodwill for $3.99 each and were totally sold.


Here was our inspo:


Girlfriend was in charge of bloodying everything and I was the shredder. There are loads of great zombification tutorials like this one here, but here are my biggest tips for taking your clothes all the way to zombieland.


Seriously. The fine grate, pokey side of the cheese grater rocks. Mess that ish up!


A quick trip to Walmart for plain hats, a Burger King logo cute right out of the coupons, hot glue, and more zombification later, we had matching hats.


We kept our look wearable for all the walking and drinking and snacking and pulled it all off in a few short hours. zombie-1zombies

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