Trend Watch: Oil Slick Hair

If you guys aren’t super in love with oil slick hair, I have to assume it’s because you just haven’t seen it. I mean, to be fair, neither have I. At least not in real life. But I’ve gone on Pinterest and drooled a lot and I’m pretty sure that counts.  It’s dark hair that is beautiful and edgy and glam and funky all at the same time. It seems to work on many shades of brunette and any length. It can be super vibrant or quite subtle and each way I’ve seen it, it look fantastic. I give you proof:

See? I told ya. ALL gorgeous. I tend to love the more golden ones like the color in the top left image. Soooo pretty. And guess what? Almost never have I really splurged on my own hair. There was this one time when I was going to, but she couldn’t get it as light as I wanted for the look I wanted, so I splurged on the halfway point (I was a pretty cool bronde) and then DIYed the rest of the way to blonde. And even the few times I do go to lovely salons and get nice cuts and colors, rarely is it really me. At best I go home and make it bigger and crazier in some way. Never is it as bold of a move as I intended to make. Each, time I really wanna say, “Now you listen up, betch, I’ve been obsessing and pinning this shit for 7 1/2 months. If I say I want bold, teal peekaboo highlights or for the back to fade all the way to a one, I swear to god I absolutely mean it.” But still, they go darker or lighter or longer or whatever, but always more timid than my dreams.


Not this time. I have found my girl. Again, I don’t actually know her in anyway. But I know the owner of her salon and that’s something. And I stalk her hair facebook page. And look. Just look. She does a pretty damn awesome oil slick pixie. Again, I would want some warmer tones blended in, but this is just glorious.  So I’m gonna do the thing. I’m really gonna book an appointment and get the hair I want. I think a girl deserves to splurge on her hair at least every few years, right?

Click to check out Curly Sue’s facebook page.

And better still, Terra and I are getting photos done with the littles next month, so even if the vivid colors only last me a couple weeks, I’ll always have proof of that one time I was a total cool girl.



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