Oil Slick Hair: Finished Product

My update is out of date, but here you go. I’ve had oil slick hair in the exact rainbowy-dark look I wanted for a whole week now. It’s not the purple-blue-teal only kind of oil slick. It’s truly oil slick colored. Bright and dark and vibrant and subdued in all the right places with every color of spilled oil on a parking lot.

The stylist laid out all the beautiful colors  before we even started the lightening process. Red, orange, gold, green, teal, blue, purple and even various hues of each. She had me pick and approve each color she prepped. I loved how involved I was, and the time she took carefully selecting and mixing each color. She used Joico color and, a week later, I am still delighted with how bold the color is. After all, family pics are getting closer and closer. 😀vero-k-pak-color-intensity-shades

From start to finish, the whole coloring process took about 3 hours. I have short hair, obviously, but also really fine hair, so don’t consider that an average by any means. Going into this, I truly expected to have Shannon, the stylist, just lighten the hair and then color each little section different colors. And perhaps, some stylists might approach it that way, but not this gal! Each section was a work of art. She labored over each tiny section. Each bit was colored in a way that would flow nicely with whatever color it was falling beside or falling over. Better still, each colored section was not just one color. The pieces were artfully painted as one color melting into another. The royal blue fades into mermaid blue, red into copper, purple into fuchsia. It was mesmerizing to watch her work. Initially, I was planning to have her cut it much shorter than I ended up going, but after my hair was so beautiful colored, I wanted more of it there. I actually told her it was making me sad to see such pretty colors just falling to the ground to be swept up. 😀


I can honestly say that today was the very first day I washed my hair since i got it done (Tuesday). I want to take super good care of my hair and with it being a bit shorter, I haven’t really even styled it either. It’s just a bit of protective spray, blow dry and some texturizing powder. I bought new Joico color care conditioner and “wash” my hair with that and cold water only on the days I do anything and the color hasn’t seemed to change. Lighting make it look more vivid, so differences in photos is almost exclusively due to how good my lighting is. Fun fact: I got it at TJ Maxx for about half price. Score!joico conditioner color endure.jpg

I seriously love my hair color. The cut is pretty symetical so I can part it on either side, or really style it however. Up, curly, straight, wavy, messy, whatevs. Each way brings out different colors. If I part on the left, the tones are more muted. Right part amps up the color and really brings out the bold, royal and mermaid blues. I’ve always been nervous to use punk or vivid colors, because I wasn’t sure I could pull off being profesh enough with so many older, conservative clients. But look at me, over here with all the colors of the rainbow in my hair and everyone, bosses and clients included are loving it.

Day of, mostly natural lighting. PC: Stylist Shannon
Day of, indoor lighting, but plus snap chat filter. 😀
5 days after color, indoor florescent lighting (work bathroom!)
1 week, indoor lighting


To check out more of Shannon and her work at Bombshell Salon, check out her fb page or instagram page. Spoiler alert: You’ll see some pics of my hair! 😀


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