Meet My Fam


garrett badge

Part nerd, part artist, and part wannabe jock, this guy keeps us on his toes. He’s most likely to be caught in a cosplay ensemble (can we call it that if we’re talking about at 1st grader wearing his Halloween costume to grocery shop?!), most likely to ramble on and on about comic characters the rest of us haven’t even heard of, and has a Instagram page of his art.  He is often stinky, but he does love a good pampering of bath bombs and lotion. He’s psyched to finally be old enough to go to the real elementary school, ride the bus, and to be playing soccer this season.

sophia badge

Soph is in third grade and developing into someone I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed her to be. She used to be the kid who always fiercely beat open the pinata at every birthday party, and yell at me to never buy her any dumb Barbies or baby dolls for Christmas. Today there is literally a doll within 10′ of me that I ordered her for Christmas and she will be freaking THRILLED. She runs the neighborhood with her posse on bikes and almost exclusively dresses in Justice clothes and Claire’s accessories. She loves to read, although still not as much as I want her to love to read.

tucker badge

Tuck started at the Middle School this year (6th grade), and it’s awesome for him. He has an IEP but his support at his grade school really clashed with his personality and learning styles. He’s getting the best grades of his life and taking such pride in that. He started band this year. I’m not super into hearing his level of saxophone playing, but at least we put an 8P curfew on that. He doesn’t get home from football practice until about 7:00, or 7:30, so we are all surviving this new “artistic” venture.


Madi Badge

Miss Madi started high school this year and the change has done her well. She has a pretty good tribe to hang with and I know this first hand as I got to be onsite doing hair and makeup for her first high school dance, homecoming. She’s always been a bit of a homebody, but this freshman year fall has brought her into the life of coffee shops, football games, and haunted adventures.

mom badge

We run this show. Haha. Sometimes. Our favorite things include: saying, “let’s all go to bed early tonight,” drinking boxed wine, complaining about laundry, fantasizing about planned or unplanned (or even unrealistic) vacations, going for rides or drives sans kiddos to random locations, repeatedly talking a bout how we are our own favorite couple, complaining about today’s popular music, finding local live music, bringing each other grocery store flowers, thrift store shopping, and reminding each other to take vitamins.

Terra is the project mom. She is the mom to plan and execute the yard work, the repairs, the upgrades, the garage cleaning, the “Homo Depot” & Costco trips. She also is the one more likely to have both her clean and dirty laundry in appropriate places, and to be wearing matching socks, but also more likely to have a hoarder stack of pallets in the garage for. She’s cool with things like dirt biking scars, a Harley, and tales of traveling the world.

I’m the creative mom. The one planning, prepping, and making the dinners in my mismatched socks. The one forcing us into various photo shoots, or picking random colors for wall makeovers. While T is admiring power tools and sheds, I’m collecting paint swatches for undetermined places. I am more likely to make a 3 hour project become 6 hours due to a hot mess mixture of add-ons, inspiration, and distractions. Any when we’re done with said project, I will want to start mixing cocktails and telling Alexa to play my jams.  My cool is more like… um. I’m pretty good at makeup and cooking and decorating, but I can still hold my own on the back of my wife’s bike for a 5 hour ride.