Galentine’s Day

In my world, for the last nine years, Valentine’s Day has been the day of Sophia, my sweetheart. It’s her birthday and frankly it’s nice to focus on that and skip out on the excessive commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Sure that’s kind of a cop out, but it’s worked for almost a decade so I’m rolling with it.

This year, it feels like EVERY day is child-focused. They are just so god-damn busy. The birthday girl is currently right in the middle of rehearsal for a highly anticipated performance in Suessical the Musical, Jr. We are all very excited, but this M-Th 20 minutes drive for 2 hour rehearsal shit in the worst winter storm in years is getting old. Then of course there are her hip-hop classes, and Garrett’s basketball practices and games. Luckily Tuck just wrapped up his basketball season and hasn’t quite started baseball yet. I’m really not sure how much else we can juggle. With weekend games up here, the littler kids have been with the moms almost exclusively. I love seeing these kids involved in stuff they are passionate about and I genuinely adore having them be active and actively finding their selves. It fulfills me all the way to the land of mommy tears.

That said, I miss my freaking wife. I miss family dinners that are simultaneously relaxing and chaotic. I miss having a glass or two of wine and then a couple more snuggled on the couch watching This is Us after the littles have been tucked in and the bigs have locked themselves back into their caves.

Tonight will be no exception to the chaos. There is dance practice and play rehearsal,  and of course we have the usual ruckus of last minute finishing Valentine’s and birthday treats. The bigs are going all in and having their “significant others” over to hang out before heading to Skate Plaza. Fun little fact: Tucker (6th grade) confided in me that he has planned this in hope of getting to do a little hand-holding during the slow songs. It’s sure to be a glorious, helter-skelter of a night and I’m here for it. And I’m here for the after party. After the madness of getting all of these things done in that never-large-enough window of post-school/work to kiddo bedtime, I’m planning to celebrate a romantic version of Galentine’s Day with my beautiful bride. We may not get there until 9 or 9:30, but at some point today I am gifting my wife with some pretty rad gifts and toasting her with her favorite champagne.

I literally can’t recall ever buying much on Valentine’s Day, even before Sophia’s birth, but this year I went for it and I’m really fucking excited about these gifts. They are personal, fun, cool, sorta-romantic, but not cheesily so, AND supportive of LGBT small businesses/artists. Do I have your attention now?

First, I ordered her the underwear all the cool-girl lesbians wear, but neither of us have ever gotten. You know who I mean- TomBoyX. Hell, I even did the right thing and ordered the appropriate size based on real measurements and followed the size chart. (Adulting takes so much more time than just winging it… :P) AND I got her the styles and colors I thought she’d like best instead of what I’d pick for me. C’mon, that’s harder than it sounds. Anyway, I know she will love them. I probably should have checked the shipping option for discreet packaging, cuz now she already knows she is getting somethings from there. But she thinks she is ONLY getting something from TomBoyX, and that’s where she is wrong.

I have been following an artist from Portland, OR, Veronica Casson,  on Instagram  (@saltandfog) for at least a year. I love her style. I love that she does so many diverse and inclusive works, and that she is part of the LGBT community. And did I mention that I really, really love her style? Yeah ‘cuz I do. I’ve tried to look into getting commissioned work done by her before, but it’s never worked out. This last week she offered a Valentine’s Day special for a couples custom piece to be sent digitally and in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. It was limited to 3 customers and I freaking got one! I got my proof yesterday and I’m delighted. It’s perfect. She caught our spirit and even managed to incorporate all our signature accessories/style.

Don’t even try to lie to me. This so un-fucking-believably adorable and I love it!


I need to have a better print done, but in order to give her something tangible tonight I printed a copy already and framed it. Oh god, I really hope she loves it as much as I do.


I feel like it’s the perfect way to celebrate Galentine’s Day with my favorite Gal.

To check out more of Veronica Casson’s work, visit her website

Happy Galentine’s Day AND Valentine’s Day from one gal lucky enough to be married to her very best gal pal.




2017 Resolution: Make Art

I love art. I love, love being creative. It hurts my soul and well being when I am not creating at least a little something or appreciating something someone else created. I find inspiration in everything and it’s such a waste when that inspo just sits there. When I don’t let myself free and take the time to see, experience, enjoy and bask in art, I get claustrophobic. I feel secluded and trapped and like no one knows me or sees me. When I am crafting or designing or decoration or writing or cooking or any such thing, I share myself. It may be unrefined and raw, but it’s me. (Also rather unrefined and raw.) My ideas become something and even if no one ever sees it, just tossing it into the universe fulfills me.

Make Art..png

My resolution for this year is to create more. To make art. I’m not going to promise to write/blog every day, because we all know how well that goes. I don’t even promise to create anything really good. What I do promise is to not let that feeling creep back in. I promise to allow myself to be inspired and to act upon those inspirations.  I will draw when I want to draw, bake something new just because it looks cute, create logos for fake businesses simply to see if it looks as rad as I imagine, and take up any knew hobby (perhaps with a glass of wine in my hand) as proudly as I please. I don’t care that real tattoo artists have actual training and tattoo on actual humans. I don’t care that real photographers have more than two lenses and keep them clean. Or that real chefs don’t burn shit or make things that no one in the house but fat Chihuahua Paco will eat. Or that real fashionistas and makeup artists don’t put functionality and comfortability on a list of top three must-haves. I will continue to dabble in tattooing with my cheap machine on fake skin. And I will take and edit far more photos on my phone than on my love-deprived DSLR. I will make kitchen flops and fails. I will continue to have just a much fun with my look as I care too. With comfort and function in mind.

resolution- Make Art.png

I will also push myself to learn as much about these arts and others. Mostly with Skillshare because I love it. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Right now you can get 3 months for $.99 each. After that it goes up to $12 but it’s worth it if you make time to learn and develop new skills. I had it for about a year and a half. The first six months I used it plenty but then stop allowing myself the time. I’m back at it and have already saved like 50 classes on everything from HTML to watercolors. You can totally cancel at the 3 month mark or earlier. If you wanna give it a go with me and see if it helps to expand your artistic horizons, use this code to go right to the $.99 deal

P.S. No one paid me shit to say that. I just love skillshare that much.

P.S.S. Oh yeah, And I will at least TRY to do something towards reinvolving myself with roller derby. 😀


Happy Monday. Have Free Things.

HAPPYMondays really aren’t my favorite. You know something that is my favorite? Free printables. I effing love free printables. Kitchen ones, calendar ones, checklist ones, even those printables that grow up to be fun wall art. I whipped up a few from my kiddos’ room as well as one for my office and just in case you like them, I share them here today. xoxo


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