Self Love Week

Look at me now, two posts in one day!

Under normal circumstances I’d write this but schedule it for tomorrow, but it’s time sensitive as I’m already a few days behind. I LOVE a good social media based challenge. I have done a couple whether for health or writing or photos or art or self love and it’s great way to find connect with people of similar interests and gain new followers. You know if you’re shallow enough to care about such things. 😛 😉

My favorite of all the challenges are definitely the self love ones. No matter where I’m at, those challenges always come at a good time. It’s always beneficial. I always grow and I always get to learn about other women and what they are doing to be totally awesome in the world.

I stumbled up on this particular challenge after seeing day one posted by my ex-husband’s cousin’s wife. (That’s a thing). Her photo was captivating her essay of a caption was compelling and after an other day or so of watching I had to join in, even if late.


It’s only day three, so join in. Do the first two days of challenges like I did, or just go right for challenge 3 (Spoiler alert: It’s treat yo’self!). If nothing else, check out mine or #selfloveweek and read some cool shit from the hearts of some amazing women. Click on my picture above to go straight to source of the challenge, the Instagram page of Mel Wells.

Side note, even if i go totally silent on the actual blog, I typically use insta as my mini blog and you can follow the life and times of my two mom crew.




Lesbian Family Photos: Coming Soon

All in all, I’ve been blogging (even if somewhat irregularly) since 2010 after I had S. I know this because it was all about me living the new mom life and trying to lose weight at the same time. For what it’s worth, that did prove to be a pretty effective way to focus on my goals and shed some weight. It was also where I announced my pregnancy with baby G and that was pretty much the end of that.You can check it out here. When I re-hit the scene as Mrs. Mama Elle later rebranded as Life Styled by Elle it was a lot of the usual lifestyle/mom blog, except I knew a little bit better what I was doing. My graphic design skills weren’t total shit and my writing was pretty good. At quite a few points I kept things quite regular and I must say some of the posts and topics were pretty good. My collaboration with Ruthie from was something of which I was particularly proud. In fact, with my impending family photo shoot, I was thinking of republishing it here.

Except now I can’t. It’s pretty heteronormative and even more than that, which of the outfits in the “big girls” edition could I even bribe our girls (almost 7 and almost 13) into wearing? I won’t lie, they are super adorable. But every single option includes pink or lace or a skirt or something and there is just no way. And frankly, if I’m being picky, the family pics I used as examples aren’t that great and every single one is just a little family of four. All a mom, a dad, and little kids that parent dress. That’s easy. Sounds like a revamp is in order. Only this time I’m tackling a lesbian couple with four strong-willed kids. And to be frank, I’m pretty sure 4 outta 5 school days a week, the 5 year old dude has the best style. The grand finale will be our family pics. The proof is in the pudding and you can judge whether or not I’m able to pull it off. And fair warning, if they turn out even semi-cute, I will pin the shit outta every single one on Pinterest. I have yet to be able to find much under “lesbian family photos” that isn’t two cute young mama’s with a single little toddler/baby or even just a bump.

Basically the only big, lesbian family photo on the whole internet. Great show, BTW.

Our family photos are scheduled for Thursday, February 9th. I’m not yet prepared at all, but I am SO excited. I’m silly about stuff like this. I get that it’s not actually important to my relationship or family well being, but to me, it feels like it is. It’s symbolic. It’s all of us together. Blended, sort of matching, sort of crazy, smiling. It’s Terra and I engaged and promised and together. Basically, it’s everything I want most in life captured to treasure forever. Plus, hey, I’m a multi-tasker and it’s new family photos, pictures of just the sibling pairs for the dad’s Father’s Day gifts, and engagement pics all in one swoop. Hell, I’ll probably get a blog head shot and Christmas card 2017 out of it while I’m at it because I’m just that kind of girl. Wish me luck!


2017 Resolution: Make Art

I love art. I love, love being creative. It hurts my soul and well being when I am not creating at least a little something or appreciating something someone else created. I find inspiration in everything and it’s such a waste when that inspo just sits there. When I don’t let myself free and take the time to see, experience, enjoy and bask in art, I get claustrophobic. I feel secluded and trapped and like no one knows me or sees me. When I am crafting or designing or decoration or writing or cooking or any such thing, I share myself. It may be unrefined and raw, but it’s me. (Also rather unrefined and raw.) My ideas become something and even if no one ever sees it, just tossing it into the universe fulfills me.

Make Art..png

My resolution for this year is to create more. To make art. I’m not going to promise to write/blog every day, because we all know how well that goes. I don’t even promise to create anything really good. What I do promise is to not let that feeling creep back in. I promise to allow myself to be inspired and to act upon those inspirations.  I will draw when I want to draw, bake something new just because it looks cute, create logos for fake businesses simply to see if it looks as rad as I imagine, and take up any knew hobby (perhaps with a glass of wine in my hand) as proudly as I please. I don’t care that real tattoo artists have actual training and tattoo on actual humans. I don’t care that real photographers have more than two lenses and keep them clean. Or that real chefs don’t burn shit or make things that no one in the house but fat Chihuahua Paco will eat. Or that real fashionistas and makeup artists don’t put functionality and comfortability on a list of top three must-haves. I will continue to dabble in tattooing with my cheap machine on fake skin. And I will take and edit far more photos on my phone than on my love-deprived DSLR. I will make kitchen flops and fails. I will continue to have just a much fun with my look as I care too. With comfort and function in mind.

resolution- Make Art.png

I will also push myself to learn as much about these arts and others. Mostly with Skillshare because I love it. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Right now you can get 3 months for $.99 each. After that it goes up to $12 but it’s worth it if you make time to learn and develop new skills. I had it for about a year and a half. The first six months I used it plenty but then stop allowing myself the time. I’m back at it and have already saved like 50 classes on everything from HTML to watercolors. You can totally cancel at the 3 month mark or earlier. If you wanna give it a go with me and see if it helps to expand your artistic horizons, use this code to go right to the $.99 deal

P.S. No one paid me shit to say that. I just love skillshare that much.

P.S.S. Oh yeah, And I will at least TRY to do something towards reinvolving myself with roller derby. 😀


WordPress is Where It’s At

As I made my venture back into blogging, I played around with some other hosting sites. I ended up setting up shop with because they had pretty rad templates, loads of free customization options, and all the add-ons a girl could want. A few posts in, it just wasn’t feeling right. Maybe due to blogging for years via on WordPress, or maybe just cuz I know the coolest of the cool kids use WordPress, or *maybe* I’m just a shitty millennial (the older kind) and wasn’t that great at navigating the info I wanted to find on Wix. Either way, I moved over some of the posts and started this page and this is where I’ll stay. I’ll buy my own domain soon and be like a real, big kid blogger again.

WordPress is my home, despite missing out on more free design elements on Wix. I’m just too damn nosey to go without all the visitor info and statistics that WordPress gives. If you are curious and wanna see what I started over on Wix, take a peak here. Hang tight while work out the kinks and get this baby up and running the way I want it.


New Life, New Blog.

Good Lordy it’s been a minute since I’ve done any of the real life blogging. I missed it terribly, but there’s this rule about how working moms can only have so many hobbies. Roller derby and Netflixing kept ranking higher. I mean, there was also this whole big technical situation, but who wants to be bored with that. And let’s be honest, it was really the Netflix and their constant release of new episodes that got me. The only thing the technical sitch affected is the fact that I had to start fresh rather than just plug along at Oh well. It was getting a bit full and slow without a greater financial investment anyway.

So here we are. You, bored reader. Me, newly single and then unsingled mother of two, roller derby queen wannabe, account executive, recently out lesbian, weirdo Libra. Welcome. I hope we can be friends.