What I Wore Wednesday

What better way to get back in the swing of things than a trusty, ol’ #whatiworewednesday? Bish, you know you like it. Or maybe not, but whatever.

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My career has that happy balance for me in regards to style. I work basically by myself aside from all the meetings and appointments sprinkled throughout the week. Generally speaking, I  know basically who I will see, what I will be focused on and dress accordingly for those pre-planned engagements. I also have to be semi-ready to do or redo a room layout, clean, or hell, shovel snow. That ends up meaning  I wear a lot of jeans, but try to dress it up with a blazer. Like every day.

Honestly, it works perfectly for running an artsy nonprofit. Today, I’m pretty sure I get double artsy points for a.) a scarf, and b.) putting a bird on said scarf. Aside from that, I kept it business casual (even casual Friday-esqu) with stretchy skinny jeans, flat shoes and a flowy blouse. I top it with a blazer to show I am ready for business when half my board shows up this afternoon for a programming committee meeting. But you can bet your ass my outfit choice can still hang if I have to attempt to repair a bathroom or mop the gallery. Both of which should probably be done right now….

Thanks for hangin’!




Dream Job: II

If you are like me and most the millennials in America, your career life looks something like your dating life. There have been some really short-term flings, some flat-out disasters, some that seemed right but weren’t after you got into it, and some that were worth commitment. The older generations love to look at this as a huge character flaw, as thought it shows an unwillingness to commit. I see it as the exact opposite. In the same way we date several partners before finding THE partner, we try different jobs. It’s not that a person like me doesn’t want to commit, I DO! I just want to really commit to the right things. I dive in wholeheartedly, ready to commit, in most things. A few weeks/months in, compatibility details increasingly unfold. For me, whether a job or mate, that’s when you know if you can keep going or not. With Terra I knew every day and every month, there was no turning back. No matter how many times we bump heads, that’s the person for me for the long haul.

the knot
At The Knot Couture Show in Las Vegas, Aug 2017

In my latest post about my “Dream Job,” I was also very optimistic that I had found a long term career. I got to do marketing, branding, writing, be around art, had the promise of travel, and it was all in a field I enjoyed–fashion. The less compatible aspects included broken financial and advancement promises, a weak business plan that I couldn’t get behind, the management style and the fact that I was being ushered from the creative world of marketing, branding AND sales, to just 10 hour shifts of cold-calling sales. Alas, I voluntarily left my short stint in the fashion industry.

Ulta Bathroom Selfie 😛 December, 2017

When I left, I had several interviews lined up, but not anything official. I thank my lucky stars I pulled it off and only had about 3 days off work total. I picked up a seasonal, part time gig at Ulta (literally no training, but sweet discounts, btw) to help with the holiday season, and within another week or so I accepted the position as the director at a local, nonprofit arts and culture center. The Ulta thing ended in January so no I am full time (and then some) at the arts center. Remember all those things I loved about my job working for a bridal label: marketing, branding, writing, be around art, had the promise of travel, and it was all in a field I enjoyed? I have all of that again. And once again, I am optimistic.

Me, absolutely giddy with one of my artists at our gallery opening, March 2018



Dream Job

Have you ever had you perfect job? The kind you just know was good for you? I’m not talking about those MLM schlepping folks always hyping their #motivationmonday and waking up everyday blasting social media about kicking this day’s ass like a boss. Or maybe that’s how they really feel every goddamn day and i’m just bitchy. But what I’m talking about is *almost* feeling that way without your “coach” telling you what to post of facebook. I’m talking about going from restless nights and anxiety at work to being able to gush to even yo mama about what you do every day. Because that is where I am *finally* at.

Selling radio was a good gig for the time. It paid pretty decent and I got the job exactly when I needed it and it allowed me to move in with Terra and not feel like a totally irresponsible sort of U-Haul lesbian. For that I am grateful. When I sold TV, I had a badass, but gracious boss. He was always cheering for me, whether in my professional or personal life. It was exactly perfect for having tiny kiddos and then separating and eventually divorcing Morgan. It was good for going back and forth between Terra’s and my house and having all the flexibility I needed. But…. Holy fuck I dreaded media sales. I always felt like I *could* be good at it, but 98% of the time, I was not. Which made me hate it and then add in the shitty parts of outside sales… not good.

I pretty much felt like I would handle it. I would survive that level of miserableness because I needed to contribute and there was no other choice. But seriously people, I was working 8-5, M-F, with about an hour of commute. That’s well over 50 hours of my waking life away from my family and basically hating life, trudging through the day. It’s fucking hard to just drop that at the door. My miserable 50 hours were affecting my previously pleasant hours. Pretty sure Terra had to deal with me getting teary and whiny every time I hit glass two or three of wine in the evenings.

I started applying and interviewing elsewhere. For awhile that actually made it worse. Every goddamn time I made it through interviews and second interviews only to find out I wasn’t their first choice, I’d come home mopey to Terra about being “such a loser.” Until the day I was a was someone’s first choice. The company that finally picked me, is the best one I could have picked for myself. I’ll get to the parts about what I actually do, but listen to the perks: four tens every week. I have three day weekends Every. Single. Week. 15 minute commute. My own office (that’s adorable). I get to wear basically whatever I want, including show off tattoos or rainbow hair. And still some flexibility to work from home when necessary.

As for the job itself, well it’s a beautiful combination of marketing, public relations, social media, sales, account management, fashion, and a dash of travel. Cash me at NYC Bridal Fashion Week, how bout dah? I literally spend my every day promoting these babies in some sense of the word:Bridgette FullHalsey FullMadison FrontShaffer FullTerra Full Back

Fun fact: I named three of these gowns. The bottom, super sexy one is named “Terra.” The second and third ones are named for my daughter and step-daughter. 🙂 You can check out the full collection here or our website here.

So yup, that’s it folks. I spend my time sharing these photos, working photo shoots, scheduling trunk shows, creating marketing materials, and looking at pretty things. Our team is small but awesome and I genuinely love what I do. Also I don’t have to spend my nights zoning out on the Wheel of Fortune or Design Home apps, so that’s cool too.

dream job.png