What I Wore Wednesday


My new life and new home came with more than just “big city living.” It’s friggin’ cold. My new job maintains a business casual vibe and I can even get away with jeans a couple times a week. Thank gawd. Jeans are much warmer than dress pants. 🙂 My work wear look has been lots of neutrals and lots of layers.



What I Wore Wednesday – Leggings are Business Profesh Too

Listen here, friends. I care exactly zero percent how many times people mock leggings as pants and reshare various videos and memes regarding the topic. If I buy my leggings in the pant department, they are pants. (Conversely, if I were to buy packaged ones from the hosiery department, they are in fact, hosiery.) Now that we have that settled, I will proudly proclaim that my business casual look of the day once again featured leggings. Super cute, super comfortable houndstooth pattern with slightly formal little details. And lezbehonest, if my girlfriend’s, ladylike mama says my pants (leggings) are cute, then they are.

So here it is, my #whatiworewednesday, round 2. Loose green blouse, the over-discussed houndstooth leggings, black bootie heels, and black accessories to finish it off. A whole polished look that’s comfy and requires zero ironing. c600x593