A Little Bit Country

As you may have caught on, I like cities. My heart belongs (mostly) in Seattle. I have no intention of ever living anywhere smaller than my current community. It’s no city but with about 50,000 people, we have enough restaurants,  entertainment, bars, events, shows, and shopping to keep me living my preferred life, all with a small enough population to feel family-oriented and safe. That said, there is something you have to love about the country life, or at least in doses.

This weekend GF and I took my littles to our friends’ ranch. GF has known Kirsten and Marie for many years, and their three year old son since he was just a baby. My daughter just adores it out there. They have everything she wants in life: horses, cattle, dogs, cats, wildlife, and wide open spaces. Look at this joy!


My son in all his 4 years of glory is a tiny gamer and doesn’t particularly care for animals much at all. But look at him go.


I am so thankful that Kirsten and Marie continue to open up their home to all of us and let my kids experience so much more than I could otherwise offer them. Not only a peak at the ranch life, but the chance to see a beautiful lesbian family. Neither of my children really said anything about it on the last trip, but this time my son, G, brought up how Colton has two moms several times. And he was excited about it. He told GF that he “yikes” two moms and that he loves her. And that it was like he has two moms because she likes me. I’m just retelling what he told my GF, but you get the idea. He does have kids with lesbian mothers in his daycare class, but I don’t think he really ever picked up on it. It’s beautiful to see that he can love his daddy, love his mommy, and still love this new relationship too. He’s both the sweetest and the cutest. Well mostly. Take his shit and he may try to punch you. We’re working on it. 😛


I’m working on trying to be less helicopter-y in my mothering. The kids are older and love to explore. This weekend I even let them sit (without keys) on a 4-wheeler without me. Baby steps.


The pure joy and sunshine in their faces from just running and playing and being just as dirty and happy as they please is a delight. I’m really just sharing all these pics so I can remember them always.



Oh yes and a view and a Sunday morning Bloody Mary for each grown up doesn’t hurt.



Seattle Getaway

It is probably pretty horrible of me to get excited about  a funeral just because it’s in Seattle, but that just lets you know how selfish I can be. Girlfriend’s Auntie passed away recently, and I feel sad for the family. Really, I do. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty psyched about getting outta town and enjoying long weekend in Seattle with my ladylove.

Seattle is my favorite. It always has been. Now that I date a real, live (relocated) Seattle woman, it’s even better than ever. She gets to show me around her old stomping grounds and I get a total hottie chauffeuring me around to tried and true, super awesome bars (of the lesbian variety!) and restaurants. Win-win.earth

The funeral functions were on two separate days and we stayed busy with family functions and a full day of cooking for the celebration of life gathering. Fun fact: Some vegetarians make really amazing stuffed meatballs. But don’t bother asking for the recipe. I totally just make it up based on sight, smell, and experience. After 6 hours of driving Thursday night, family/funeral functions all day Friday, cooking and the last funeral function on Saturday, we were ready for a little bit of fun on Saturday night. We hit up Wildrose in Capital Hill for a few hours and finally got to unwind and just be ourselves.

Capital Hill crosswalks

We didn’t get to rowdy or stay out too late, but it was sure nice to just be my girlfriend’s girlfriend without worrying about committing any ungodly acts of lesbian PDA and meeting a buncha family for the first time. 😛

Sunday we could have gotten right up and started our journey back home, but we instead lingered and wandered. Ate some amazing Thai food, played tourist and took some photos with the Freemont Troll, strolled through Pike’s Place Market, checked out some rad views, and did a whole lot of hand-holding. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday Funday.Untitled design (1).png